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NEW School Bytes parent portal app

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What is the School Bytes portal?

School Bytes provides a parent portal to help your school communicate with you and complete administrative tasks.

We will still use Seesaw for classroom communication.

We will no longer be using Skoolbag or the old payment online option.  Everything this now done through School Bytes.

Our school will use the parent portal for various things, including online permission notes, attendance, and payments, which can be accessed via a secure link.

(We will no longer use paper permission notes for excursions)

The School Bytes parent portal enables you to view all your children in one portal and process payments for multiple siblings in one transaction.

What do you need to do to be ready?

Parent user guides link

Parent Portal: Set up your parent portal account (if you don’t already have one).

IMPORTANT: To ensure that the registration process works smoothly, and you can link your account to your child, make sure that you use the same email address that you have provided to the school or if using a different email address, an SMS verification code will be sent to the mobile number on record for you at the school.

How do I access School Bytes?

Open the parent portal link


Use the QR Code to register.

Please also find detailed steps to create an account on the link below.

Did you know you can add School Bytes to your home screen?

Please see the guide link or instructions on how to set it up and images above.


Our Newsletter is provided via a Sway link each fortnight.  Please check out our Facebook page, School Bytes feed on your parent portal or click the Newsletter tab above.


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Check out the Kindy 2024  section of our website for all Kindy transition information and updates


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